Male Born 26/04/17 44 cm Red Tricolour AKC & KC Registered



Yondu was bred by Trails End Miniature American Shepherds in Oregon, USA.

We got ‘hooked on a feeling’…

Yondu came to us from the USA at 4 months old and settled in perfectly. He has an amazing structure and an even better temperament! Yondu is extremely bright, driven and focused. He works perfectly around livestock. As he’s still young Yondu will be trying his paw at a range of activities in due course. Currently his favourite activity is trick training – he learns very quickly by shaping and clicker training and has already entertained crowds at shows with his tricks. With his classical build, Yondu is excelling in ringcraft classes and began attending conformation shows in January 2018, gaining Best of Breed in Paris, France, at 10 months of age.

Yondu loves to be active and outdoors – he hopes to begin training as an open-air-scenting Search and Rescue Dog following a stock and obedience test, and is also undertaking pre-foundation agility training. He became the first MAS in the UK (jointly with our bitch Legacy) to gain a Dog Parkour title.

Yondu attended Crufts in 2018 as part of the Kennel Club’s Puppy and Bronze Display Teams and also performed tricks on the Vet’s Kitchen stand. In January 2018 Yondu was invited to audition for Britain’s Got Talent as a double-act with Marvel, but due to his age we have deferred.

In 2019 Yondu was invited to Crufts again as part of the Kennel Club’s Silver Display Team.

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   Docked full tail  –  Correct scissor bite  –  One brown eye, one blue eye

Health Tests

Dual-tested by Paw Print Genetics & Orivet. M-locus testing by Vemodia.


  • BVA Hips (HD): 5/4
  • BVA Elbows (OCD): 0/0
  • OFA Patellas: Norm
  • LSTV: Clear



Colour Profile

  • E Locus: E/e (yellow carrier)
  • A Locus: at/a (tricolour; carries bi/solid)
  • K Locus: ky/ky (expresses agouti)
  • B Locus: b/b (brown-based; bc, bd, bs)
  • M Locus: m/m (non-merle; Vemodia)
  • D Locus: D/D (non-dilute)
  • S Locus: S/S (no white spotting)

Click on each test to find out more.

What does Yondu do?

Yondu’s puppy photos are all shown with kind permission of Shannon Hunter, Trails End Miniature American Shepherds.


Yondu stems from both show and working lines in the USA.

His sire, Cash, has amazing bone and conformation, coupled with an awsome head and ear set. He is a Champion producer from Pockets breeding.

AKC & INT. NAT CH Pockets Full of Cash

Yondu’s dam, Zeva, stems from good working lines, from Timberline Aussies and Celebritywards. She is from a strong line of blue-eyed tricolour dogs – giving Yondu his distinctive look.

Blue Stars Zeva of Trails End


Previous Puppies:

Marvel x Yondu 2019

Yondu is available to a limited number of approved bitches.

Yondu had his first litter with our bitch, Marvel, in 2019. There is a second litter planned from Yondu, with an outside bitch, Minnie, in the Czech Republic in 2020.

This cross could produce all colours of offspring (black tri, red tri, blue merle & red merle) and will be suitable for a wide variety of homes. Any puppies would be evaluated for their potential in different avenues prior to being placed.