Int CH Linderland N Triple R’s Worth Repeating

Health & Color Testing

Echo has a clear DNA panel, except 1 copy of MDR1. Her 10 generation COI is 0.13%.

Health Certificates

color Tests

  • m/Mc265 (Tilia)
  • ky/ky, B/b, at/at, D/D, S/S, E/E

Joints / Eyes – normal

  • HD-Good OFA, 4/4 BVA
  • ED-0/0 (BVA)
  • PL-0 (OFA)
  • LSTV-0
  • Eyes – Clear Annually


  • Scissor Bite
  • Docked Tail
  • 1 Blue / 1 Brown Eye

Genetic Tests – clear

  • PRA
  • CEA
  • HSF4 (HC)
  • DM
  • HUU
  • NCL6/8
  • CMR1
  • DCM
  • MDR1 – 1 copy

About Echo


Echo was produced by Linderland Miniature American and Australian Shepherds in South Dakota, USA, in combination with Triple R’s Miniature American Shepherds.

She was a very long-awaited puppy from these lines, and we are incredibly pleased we had the opportunity to choose her. We’re forever thankful to Judy and Mary for this fantastic girl.


Echo has a nice structure and superb movement, with excellent reach and drive. She moves beautifully. She has flashy markings and is wrapped up in a small package.


Echo is a blue merle, with a white blaze and collar. She has 2 copies of Em (masking) on her E-locus, which means her merle also shows through her tan points. She’s produced puppies with flashy merle markings and dark tan points.


Echo has a happy, easygoing and jolly temperament. She seems to have a knack of wrapping visitors around her little finger. If you don’t find yourself carrying her round within half an hour, then something’s amiss! She has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.


Echo is an International Conformation Champion.

Echo has her Temperament Test title and Farm Dog Certification title. Echo has been training in agility and rally but her competitive entries for her in both venues were affected by COVID and then our move to the USA. We’re excited to begin working her in more performance venues now in the USA. Watch this space!