Female Born 22/10/19 36 cm Blue Merle Tri Red-factored AKC & KC Registered



Echo was bred by Linderland Miniature American and Australian Shepherds in South Dakota, USA, in combination with Triple R’s Miniature American Shepherds.

Echo came to us from the USA – she was a very long awaited puppy from these lines and we are incredibly pleased we had the opportunity to choose her. We’re forever thankful to Judy and Mary for this fantastic girl.

Echo has a fantastic pedigree, structure and temperament. She’s a happy, carefree and cuddly girl

She’s still a young pup and we will be trying a mixture of activities with her in due course.

With her beautiful structure, Echo will begin ring-craft classes soon and we hope to begin attending conformation shows with her in a couple of months.


   Docked Full tail    –    Correct scissor bite    –    Blue right eye, marbled left eye

Health Tests

Tested by MyDogDNA. M-locus testing by Tilia.


  • BVA Hips (HD): 4/4
  • BVA Elbows (OCD): 0/0
  • OFA Patellas: Normal
  • LSTV: Clear



Colour Profile

  • E Locus: E/E (non-yellow)
  • A Locus: at/at (tricolour;)
  • K Locus: ky/ky (expresses agouti)
  • B Locus: B/b (carries red; bc & bd )
  • M Locus: m/M 268 (Tilia)
  • D Locus: D/D (non-dilute)

Click on each test to find out more.

Echo’s puppy photos are all shown with kind permission of Judy Linder, Linderland Kennels.


Echo stems from gorgeous show lines in the USA.

Her sire, Player, has amazing bone and conformation, coupled with a superb head and ear set. With lines including Linderland, Bluegrass and Taycins, strongly influenced by Linderland’s Chauncey. Standing at 16.5″.

Linderland N Triple R's Let The Games Begin

Echo’s dam, Journey, stems predominantly from Linderland, Timeless and Energies – very strong show lines, with excellent structure and movement. Standing at 15″.

Energies N Triple R's Faithfully with Linderland


We have plans to produce the 1st litter from Echo with our boy Chase (Away To Me Cut To The Chase) at the end of 2021 / start of 2022.

We have plans to breed from Echo in 2021/2022.

We have plans to breed Echo with Chase (Away To Me Cut To The Chase for MarvelMAS), in late 2021 / first half of 2022.

This cross can produce all colours of offsrping (black tricolour, red tricolour, blue merle, red merle) and they will be suitable for a wide variety of homes. We are expecting flashy, well structured and typey MAS from this cross. All puppies will be evaluated for their potential in different avenues prior to being placed.

All plans may be subject to change.

Please see our Litter Plan page for more details.