MMA Hot Smoking Blue Sapphire

Health & Color Testing

Forge has a full clear DNA panel.

Health Certificates

color Tests

  • m/M268 (PawPrint)
  • kB/ky, B/b, at/at, D/D, S/S, E/E

Joints / Eyes – normal

  • HD- Good (OFA)
  • ED- Normal (OFA)
  • PL-0 (OFA)
  • LSTV-0
  • Eyes – Clear Annually


  • Scissor Bite
  • Docked Long Tail
  • 1 Blue / 1 Brown Eye

Genetic Tests – clear

  • PRA
  • CEA
  • HSF4 (HC)
  • MDR1
  • DM
  • HUU
  • NCL6/8
  • CMR1
  • DCM
  • NAD
  • Non HSF4 (HC)

About Forge


Forge was produced by Masters Midwest Australian Shepherds (MMA) in Missouri, USA. We welcomed Forge at a year and half of age, and can’t wait to see what he adds to our program!


Forge has a lovely structure. He has excellent angulation, in particular turn of stifle which is often lacking in the breed. He has excellent reach and drive, a full coat, and masculine head.


Forge is a blue merle bicolor, with minimal white. He has one copy of dominant black (solid / bicolor) on the K-locus, so can produce puppies without tan points with any bitch he is put to. He generally produces puppies with little / moderate white.


Forge has a loving and goofy temperament, and we are undertaking assistance dog work with him. He is calm in all environments and focused on his handler. When not working he is a clown and loves to play! He has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.


Forge is a clean slate! He has not taken part in any activities before coming to us and we are excited to let try him at a range of performance sports to see what he enjoys.
We will likely begin with rally obedience, FastCat and some light conformation shows with him over the next year.




Sorry, Forge is not currently available at stud to outside bitches.