Raising Puppies

Unleash the best!

Puppy rearing, with future proofing in mind.

Puppies are whelped and raised in our home where we can actively participate in the birth and growth of our puppies. We take pride in being there for our litters from the very beginning. We are avid participants in Avidog and Puppy Culture programs, which aid in great structure and fundamentals for puppies. Our puppies are handled from the start, as newborns and are very well socialized. We go to great lengths so that our pups are raised in a safe, stimulating environment. Our puppies are teachable, trainable, companions as well as energetic, driven, focused, competitive partners.

Puppy Culture

The Puppy Culture protocols we use are scientifically proven to greatly improve outcomes for puppies!


MarvelMAS are Avidog Associate Breeders for life. It means we have committed to raising our puppies using scientifically-sound, ethical breeding and puppy rearing practices.

Aptitude Testing

We used modified Volhard testing along with Avidog Puppy Aptitude Testin (APET) to assess our puppies.

Puppy Puzzle

Pat Hastings’ Puppy Puzzle is just one method we use to assess structure, along with movement, to correctly place sporting prospects.