CH MarvelMAS First Edition

Health & Color Testing

Prodigy has a full clear DNA panel and a 10 generation COI of 0.19%.

Health Certificates

color Tests

  • Mc217/M267 (Tilia)
  • ky/ky, B/b, at/at, D/D, S/S, E/E

Joints / Eyes

  • HD-6/4 (BVA)
  • ED-0/0 (BVA)
  • PL-0 (OFA)
  • LSTV-0
  • Eyes – Clear Annually


  • Scissor Bite
  • Long Tail
  • Marbled Eyes

Genetic Tests (clear)

  • PRA
  • CEA
  • HSF4 (HC)
  • MDR1
  • DM
  • HUU
  • NCL6/8
  • CMR1
  • DCM
  • NAD
  • Non-HSF4 (HC)

About Prodigy


Prodigy was produced here at MarvelMAS, from Marvel and an outside stud from Germany, Carpe Diem Simpson.


Prodigy has an nice structure and superb movement, with excellent reach and drive. He moves beautifully. He has a masculine head and moderate build.


Prodigy is a blue merle with tan points. He has a white blaze and collar. His puppies have all been little blue merle replicas of him so far. Prodigy is red factored.


Prodigy has a fantastic temperament and we are undertaking training with him to become a therapy dog. He really enjoys trick and helper-dog training. He is smart, loving and calm in all environments. He has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.


Prodigy is a conformation Champion.

He is a talented rally obedience dog and was invited to the AKC Rally Nationals in 2020 at just 1 year of age. He began competing at 9 months of age gaining Excellent RL1 and RL2 qualifying scores, achieving 3rd place in his first competition and only dropping one point, scoring 209 pts (in the UK).

He also holds a range of titles outside of rally, including in obedience, tricks, agility, parkour, Farm Dog Certification and Temperament Testing.

Prodigy will begin trialing in FastCat and Cat later this year.




Prodigy is available at stud to a limited number of select females, please contact us to enquire.