Male Born 05/12/18 44 cm Blue Merle Tri Red-factored AKC & KC Registered



Prodigy was bred here at MarvelMAS, in the UK.

He is the offspring of Marvel (Ivorred Masta of Thunder for MarvelMAS) and Simpson (Carpe Diem Simpson).

Prodigy has a fantastic temperament and we are undertaking training with him to become a therapy dog. He really enjoys trick and helper-dog training. He is smart, loving, and calm in all environments. He has an amazing off switch, and will settle perfectly when out and about, as well as at home.

He’s already competes in rally obedience and has been undertaking foundation agility training. Now that he has finished growing we will be raising jump heights and will be able to do higher impact training.

Structurally superb, Prodigy attends ringcraft classes and we hope to begin attending conformation shows with him once Brexit has been finalised and we can plan travel.

Prodigy Stud Advert


   Docked tail    –    Correct scissor bite    –    Both eyes blue

Health Tests

Testing by MyDogDNA & Optigen. M-locus testing by Tilia.


  • BVA Hips (HD): 6/4
  • BVA Elbows (OCD): 0/0
  • OFA Patellas: Clear
  • LSTV: Clear



Colour Profile

  • E Locus: E/E (does not carry yellow)
  • A Locus: at/at (tricolour)
  • K Locus: ky/ky (expresses agouti)
  • B Locus: B/b (carries brown – bs)
  • M Locus: Mc 217 / M 267 bp
  • D Locus: D/D (non-dilute)
  • S Locus: S/S (no white-spotting)

Click on each test to find out more.

What does Prodigy do?

We took daily photos of Prodigy from birth until 8 weeks of age.


Prodigy was born here at MarvelMAS.

His sire, Simpson, stands at 44cm and is German bred, from US lines. He is flashy, classically marked and stems from show lines, boasting a fantastic temperament and many therapy and search and rescue dogs in his family.

Carpe Diem Simpson

Prodigy’s dam, Marvel, stands at 40 cm and stems from working lines. Marvel, her siblings and ancestors, are fabulous agility dogs with a natural work ethic and jump styles.

Ivorred Masta of Thunder for MarvelMAS


Prodigy may be available to a limited number of approved bitches when he is old enough.

We hope to use Prodigy as a stud from 2021.

We have provisional plans to use Prodigy with Legacy in the future.

As Prodigy is still young, these plans are subject to change.