Brassy Acres Billy The Kid

Health & Color Testing

Billy has a full clear DNA panel and a 10 generation COI of 11.7%.

Health Certificates

color Tests

  • m/Mc222 (PawPrint)
  • ky/ky, b/b, at/a, D/D, S/S, E/E

Joints / Eyes

  • HD-A (FCI)
  • ED-0 (FCI)
  • PL-0 (OFA)
  • LSTV-0
  • Eyes – Clear Annually


  • Scissor Bite
  • Docked Long Tail
  • 2 Blue Eyes

Genetic TestS (CLEAR)

  • PRA
  • CEA
  • HSF4 (HC)
  • MDR1
  • DM
  • HUU
  • NCL6/8
  • CMR1
  • DCM
  • NAD
  • Non HSF4 (HC)

About Billy


Billy was bred by Brassy Acres Miniature American Shepherds, Arizona, USA. We welcomed Billy in August 2021. He is co-owned with Rainy Browning, at RainDancer.


Billy has an nice structure and superb movement, with excellent reach and drive. He moves beautifully. He has a masculine head and moderate build.


Billy is a red tricolor with a white blaze and collar. He has a copy of the AXL4 gene associated with blue eyes, and this trait can be seen passed down in the puppies he has produced.


Billy is confident, smart, friendly and easygoing in all environments. He gets on superbly with all other dogs and people. He’s just at home on the farm as he is in a busy show environment. He has an excellent off-switch and settles perfectly out and about, as well as at home.


Billy headed to Europe and began showing prior to Covid, receiving ‘BOB Jeune’ at his second show. He’s just started showing in the USA, and was BOS at his first show.
For performance sports, Billy already enjoys Fast Cat (achieving his DCAT) and will be doing rally, obedience and agility with us. He has his Farm Dog Title and Temperament Testing title. He will be tested on stock in Florida. He enjoys kayaking trips and his European puppies both show in conformation and do agility.




Billy is available at stud to a limited number of select females, please contact us to enquire.