MarvelMAS Dark Force Rising

Health & Color Testing

Voodoo has a clear DNA panel, except 1 copy of MDR1. Her 10 generation COI is 0.13%.

Health Certificates

color Tests

  • m/m (Tilia)
  • ky/ky, B/b, at/at, D/D, S/S, E/E

Joints / Eyes – normal

  • HD-Good OFA, 3/3 BVA
  • ED-Normal OFA, 0/0 BVA
  • PL-0 (OFA)
  • LSTV-0
  • Eyes – Clear Annually


  • Scissor Bite
  • Long Tail
  • Brown Eyes

Genetic Tests – clear

  • PRA
  • CEA
  • HSF4 (HC)
  • DM
  • HUU
  • NCL6/8
  • CMR1
  • DCM
  • MDR1 – 1 copy

About Voodoo


Voodoo was produced here at MarvelMAS, from Yondu and Marvel.


Voodoo has a nice structure and superb movement, with excellent reach and drive. She moves beautifully. She has classical markings and a solid build.


Voodoo is a black tricolor with very minimal white on her – just the star on her chest. She’s a great asset to our program, particularly having so little white, as it can often be difficult to reduce white in programs.


Voodoo has worked as a stooge dog for a behaviorist dog trainer, aiding with dogs with behavioral issues towards people or other dogs. She is smart, loving and loves to run. She has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.


Voodoo is a talented rally obedience dog and was invited AKC Rally Nationals in 2020 at just 1 year old.

Voodoo is a little version of her dad, Yondu, in terms of structure and temperament. Shes easygoing, super confident, settles nicely and is oh so snuggly!

Shes also extremely toy motivated and driven, just like her mum Marvel – we look forward to trying Fast Cat with her. She already has a range of titles beyond rally, including tricks, parkour and agility.