Voodoo x Forge

Puppy Plans


Voodoo is the daughter of Yondu x Marvel. She is just under 17” (42 cm) and a black tricolor, with minimal white.

Voodoo has worked as a stooge dog for a dog behaviorist dog, aiding with their client’s dogs that have behavioral issues towards people or other dogs. She is a great role model for other dog and unflappable. She is smart, loving and loves to run. She is confident in all environments, has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.

Voodoo is a talented rally obedience dog and was invited AKC Rally Nationals in 2020 at just 1 year old. Shes also extremely toy motivated and driven – we look forward to trying Fast Cat with her in the USA. She already has a range of titles beyond rally, including tricks, parkour and agility.


Forge is a blue merle bicolor, with minimal white and stands at 16” (41 cm). He is new to our program and we are incredibly excited for his puppies this year. He has already produced some gorgeous dark factored puppies outside our program.

Forge has a loving and goofy temperament, and we are undertaking assistance dog work with him. He is calm in all environments and focused on his handler. When not working he is a clown and loves to play! He has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.

Forge is a clean slate! He has not taken part in any activities before coming to us and we are excited to let try him at a range of performance sports to see what he enjoys. We will likely begin with rally obedience, FastCat and some light conformation shows with him over the next year.


We anticipated puppies from the litter to be suitable for a range of sporting and pet homes. Both parents have lovely confident temperaments and we expected to have puppies that were people-focused and loving family members.

The puppies from this litter could be a variety of colors – black or red tricolor or bicolor, red merle or blue merle with and without tan points!

The puppies went to a variety of homes including show and sporting (rally, agility, fastcat), hiking and family pet.

We had 6 puppies born:
5 males: Rune (red merle), Abracadabra (black bicolor), Mojo (blue merle), Hocus Pocus (black Bicolor), Mambo (black tricolor)
1 female: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (black bicolor)

Puppy Photos




Hocus Pocus


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo 🧚‍♀️