Both Marvel’s and Yondu’s favourite activity is trick work.

They both have a natural desire to learn, coupled with an ability to think for themselves, which makes trick-work not only enjoyable for them, but also easy to master.

Both dogs learn entirely via shaping and clicker work and are skilled at not only single tricks, but also in back-chaining and complex behaviours. Marvel and Yondu are currently working as a duo on multi-dog tricks together.

In January 2018 Marvel and Yondu were invited to take part in Britain’s Got Talent, as a double act. Due to Yondu’s young age we have deferred from taking part this year – there are many tricks we would like to teach him which require further muscle maturity and which we will refrain from until he is fully mature.

Watch this space for the future!


Marvel loves trick training more than anything!

She learns entirely via shaping and clicker training and is extremely talented.

Shes always been a naturally quick learner – and at just 4 months old Marvel won £250 from Co-op, a Vax pet vacuum and lots of other goodies for performing tricks at the 2015 Family Pet Show in Manchester – winning not only the class she was entered in, but also overall dog of the day. It was a fabulous achievement for such a young pup, especially in such a busy show environment.

In 2017 she won the UK Trick Dog Association’s 4 week long trick training competition with skills such as climbing a ladder, playing musical chairs and going shopping (pushing a trolley and put items in it). In January 2018 Marvel was invited to take part in Britain’s Got Talent.

Marvel is working towards her AKC Trick Dog titles.


Yondu is a natural trick dog!

He began shaping at 5 months old (after arriving in the UK) and hasn’t stopped since. He has a phenomenal work ethic and ability to switch between working and relaxing in any environment.

He’s extremely gifted at learning multi-stage tricks and complex behaviours. His enthusiasm for learning shines through and makes him a joy to work with.

At 5 months old Yondu took part in a heelwork to music workshop with Richard Curtis. He worked incredibly hard all day, working off-lead on tricks and routines with complete focus around the other dogs, and was unphased by the distractions.

At 6 months of age Yondu was performing tricks on the Vets Kitchen stand at the National Pet Show in the NEC, Birmingham. He thrives off interaction with people, and loves working for an audience.

In January 2018, at 9 months old, Yondu was invited to take part in Britain’s Got Talent.

Yondu is working towards his AKC Trick Dog titles.