Marvel x Simpson 2018 Litter

Marvel was bred with Simpson, an outside stud dog in Autumn 2018.

This litter were born on 5th December 2018 and we had 4 puppies: 1 blue merle male, 1 red merle female, 1 red tricolour male, and one blue merle female. Unfortunately the blue merle female, who we named Snow, was breech and despite the help of 3 veterinary surgeons who tried to re-align her, we were unable to save her. Rest in peace little Snow.

The theme of this litter was Christmas-related Marvel characters, so we named the puppies Northstar, Robin, Cane & Snow.

All puppies were evaluated for structure and temperament prior to being placed. We had 1 puppy who needed an experienced owner and 2 puppies suitable for both working homes along with active pet homes. We decided to keep Northstar (now Prodigy) after his structural and temperament assessments.

MarvelMAS First Edition

  • Prodigy (was Northstar) stayed here at MarvelMAS and will be training as a therapy dog and sporting hopeful.

  • Sex: Male

  • Colour: Blue Merle Tricolour

  • Eyes: Right blue / left marbled

  • Born: 1st

  • Energy: calm, confident, evaluated as therapy dog

MarvelMAS Summers Hope

  • Summer (was Robin) will be training as an agility and mountaineering dog.

  • Sex: Female

  • Colour: Red Merle Tricolour

  • Eyes: Marbled

  • Born: 2nd

  • Energy: independent, driven, high toy focus

MarvelMAS Storm Makkari

  • Makkari (was Cane) will be doing a variety of YKC training.

  • Sex: Male

  • Colour: Red Tricolour

  • Eyes: Amber

  • Born: 3rd

  • Energy: people-oriented, high drive, biddable