Dragonfly x Billy

Puppy Plan Information


Dragonfly is the daughter of Firefly x Chase. She is just under 14.5” (38 cm) and a red merle, with white markings and tan points.

Dragonfly has a fantastic temperament and a keen work ethic. She is easygoing and fun, and adores being with people. She has no concept of personal space! She has an excellent off-switch, settling perfectly out and about or at home.

She will be undertaking a range of activities in the USA. We plan to undertake conformation showing with her, as well as to work her in performance venues here.

Like her mum, Dragonfly has good herding instinct and evaluated as such on runner ducks as a puppy. We look forward to taking this further with her in the US.


Billy is a red tricolour, and stands at 17” (43 cm). He has produced some gorgeous puppies in Europe, and many are mini versions of him!

Billy is confident, smart, friendly and easygoing in all environments. He gets on superbly with all other dogs and people. He’s just at home on the farm as he is in a busy show environment. He has an excellent off-switch and settles perfectly out and about, as well as at home.

Billy headed to Europe and began showing prior to Covid, receiving ‘BOB Jeune’ at his second show. He will begin his show career in the US shortly.
For performance sports, Billy already enjoys Fast Cat and will be competing in rally and obedience soon. He has his Farm Dog Title and Temperament Testing title. He will be tested on stock in Florida. He enjoys kayaking trips and his European puppies both show in conformation and do agility.


We anticipate the puppies from the litter to be suitable for a range of show, sporting and pet homes. Both parents have lovely confident temperaments and we expected to have puppies that were people-focused and loving family members.

Puppies could only be either red tricolor or red merle from this litter.

The puppies went to a variety of homes including show and sporting (rally, agility, fastcat, dockdiving), hiking and family pet, and therapy / assistance.

We had 4 puppies born:
1 male: Beetle (red merle)
3 females: Bumble Bee (red tricolor), Glow Worm (red merle), Cricket (red tricolor)

Puppy Photos


Bumble Bee

Glow Worm