Chase x Marvel 2020-2021 Litter

We are planning litter from Marvel with Chase, at the end of 2020.

Marvel is our 40 cm high, 5 year old, blue merle bitch with marbled eyes, and Chase is our 39 cm, red tricolour stud dog, with brown eyes.

Marvel is high drive and wants to work, she is a highly skilled trick dog and competes in both rally and agility with a strong jump style. She’s from working lines and always aims to please. Read more about Marvel here.

Chase was bred in the USA by Shana Witbeck (Away To Me) and is a European Show Champion. He is a beautiful, smaller-sized, well-built male, with excellent bone structure, great aerial paces, and a good coat. He is easy-going in all environments and is used to working at busy shows in the conformation ring. Born in the USA from gorgeous, well-typed, show line MAS, he comes from lines that give a distinctive ‘Aussie’ look in a smaller package. While he has spent most of his time at Conformation shows, his siblings and offspring are agility champions, and in the US his lines have been used for herding too. Read more about Chase here.

We expect versatile, well-structured, and driven puppies from this cross with great sporting potential! This cross is able to produce all colours of offspring (black tri, red tri, blue merle & red merle) and is suitable for a wide variety of homes, including show homes; sporting – heelwork to music, agility or obedience; working – livestock, search & rescue or similar; and active pet homes.

All puppies were be evaluated for their potential in different avenues prior to being placed.

Please fill in an application form if you wish to be considered for this litter.

All puppies will be reserved for those on the waiting list for that litter.

All puppies will be evaluated for structure and temperament prior to being placed.